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La Befana's Specialty Gift Shoppe Inc. is an extension of me, Laura.  Growing up I always knew I was different.  Imaginary friends were not imaginary and I knew things.  I don't know how I did, I just did.  I learned to keep this sensitivity to myself because it usually got me into trouble.  I was often teased and called "a witch".  As I grew I learned not to care about hiding my "gift" it did not matter whether or not I wanted to tune into to the world around me, I was sensitive and I would know things.  I learned to accept that extra sensitivity as the blessing it was.

 La Befana is the good witch, a kind wise women, the giver of gifts.  La Befana's "Specialty" (with me being the specialty), Gift Shoppe Inc. seemed to be
the perfect name for my shop.

I opened the store "La Befana's", because growing up I always knew that I wanted to have a boutique.  A place where I could be me and it wouldn't matter that I was "sensitive".  It wasn't until after being sick did I know for sure that when time permitted me to I would open a store with the products, ways and methods I used to help myself, to help others as well and continue to use my gift.  I knew it would be set in the Victorian era, I knew it would be a nice shop, a place that people would want to come to, to feel comfortable in, and to buy what was offered.  The ambiance and aromas of La Befana's Specialty Gift Shoppe Inc. would be breathtaking!  It would be comfortable, inviting, and relaxing, it would feel like home!  A home where people of all ages, cultures, and religions were welcome! It would be a place of sanction, a place of healing, a place, "thee" place just to be. And it was, and will be again.

La Befana's Specialty Gift Shoppe Inc. was opened June of 2005 in the Hudson Valley area of New York, and was formally located in the Historic Village of Montgomery.  While in the process of moving La Befana's Gift Shoppe
looking for a new destination, we have been lucky enough to re-locate within the Newburgh Vintage Emporium Ware-House!  We are Booth #71 Downing Ave..  So please, come check us out there, stop in and say hello. We would love to see you!

Newburgh Vintage Emporium Ware-House
10 NY-17K
Newburgh, NY 12550

Open Everyday from 10-6

Until then, we hope you take the time to Enjoy our web-site!

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