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About Laura

For starters I will tell you that I count my Blessings.

I am the owner of La Befana’s Specialty Gift Shoppe Inc., formally located in the Historic Village of Montgomery New York and in the process of relocating. While waiting to find our New Destination, I built this web as an extension of the store.

I was born in New York and raised as a Roman Catholic.
I am a wife and mother. I married my best friend and we have a wonderful son. I have an amazing family with terrific parents, brother, sisters and in-laws.
I am lucky to have good friends and many acquaintances.

I am often asked what makes me psychic and truly I have never questioned it, God has made me psychic. We have all been given this wonderful gift from the Spirit. I am just one of those individuals who is much more aware and sensitive to the world around me on a spiritual level. I allow myself to be open to the Spirit. I see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and sense things that most people are not aware of because they do not know how to or they do not
want to open themselves to it.

I know that we are all born with the "gift" and some people are more sensitive, open and aware of their abilities than others. Different people have different abilities: some of us may hear things, others will see things, and some may just feel. This is what makes, a "variety" of spiritual people, psychics and intuits. We all work differently tapping into our gifted ability to access our "higher self". What one chooses to do with their gift is entirely their choice.

 I am an intuitive/psychic reader who possesses and acknowledges my skills of clairvoyance (psychic vision), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (psychic feeling), clairalience (gift of smell), claircognizance (gift of knowing) and clairgustance (gift of taste). I am empathic. My own awareness began
around the age five, but at the time was considered to be
"very taboo" and was not spoken about.

I have been providing readings for many years, professionally since 1996. I am a vessel filled with good and positive energy! I help others feel a sense of clarity and understanding.

I love what I do and I am doing what I love!



By the American Board of Holistic Practitioners I was Certified as an
Intuitive Consultant.
By the Adirondack Reiki Healing Center I am Certified as a Reiki Master.


I am listed with "Best Psychic Directory" under the N.Y. psychics and reviewed as
Truly Gifted, an Honest, Compassionate and Insightful Reader.
I have been a Member in Good Standing with the American Tarot Association.

While I've been working with the Tarot over twenty years, I have studied many other areas in the metaphysical realm.
I participate with the "Laying of the Hands" Healing Mass at a local church in Orange County, N.Y. ...Formally with the Catholic Daughters of America and Inaugurated as a State Regent in Fort Montgomery, N.Y., and a Religious Instruction Teacher in Walden, N.Y.


spending time with my family and my friends~ gardening and writing poetry~ sewing little things~ going antiquing~ wine tasting~ barnes & noble! going on long drives only to get lost and find new destinations~ going to old towns and homes to do my own spiritual investigations~ dancing in the warm summer rain with my son and nieces!

Some Of My Interests

"Moments" because moments matter...
Spending time with my husband and my son...
Reading~ writing poetry~clouds~ orbs~ anything spiritual~ all religions~
People in general~ good conversation~ hanging out with my sisters, brother, parents, family & friends with a good bottle of red wine...just talking about everything, anything and nothing!


Favorite TV Shows

 Paranormal & Spiritual shows
In Pursuit with John Walsh~ Columbo~ 
Downton Abbey~ Mr. Selfridge~ Murdoch Mysteries
 National Geographic~ TCM~
The Travel Channel


Favorite Movies

Anything with Cary Grant!

 Favorite Books

I couldn't even begin to tell you because there are so many
not just one or two...


Favorite Quotes

I see not through two eyes, but through the eyes of intuition,
which is many eyed..

Clarissa Pinkola Estes PH.D.



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