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Consumer Reviews:
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Reviews found as of August 05, 2007

La Befana's
8 Union St
Montgomery, NY, 12549
work 845-457-3202


Best Little Gift Shoppe
This is the best little gift shoppe ever. While up from Ga. to visit family, I happened upon this little gift shoppe tucked away in Montgomery NY. Absolutely loved it! So many wonderful and diversifed inventory. I was like Alice in Wonderland. Lovely jewelry, herbal teas, stones, and the aroma when walking into the store. So peaceful. The smokeless incense

that permeated the shoppe was, as I was told "Josephs Rose" named after Laura ( the owners son.) Had to have some & of course the burner to go with it. Pictures, one of a kind handmade pocketbooks, chinese tea sets, angels chimes and the list goes on. Before I even realized it , an haur had slipped away. Laura is a lovely, patient & knowledgable shopkeeper. I always did love small shops better than malls. And this is the reason why.
Best of luck Laura, will see you on my next trip

April 25, 2008 by L. B. in Marietta, GA

La Befana's is a fantastic store! On entrance, you can tell the energy inside is unlike most. Everything is so beautiful and smells so good, I felt calm and peaceful within just a few seconds of being inside. The friendly owner, Laura, made me feel very welcome and her knowledge was beyond impressive- she is astounding. Every product is beautiful and unique as well. Laura carries wonderful items I have never seen anywhere before! Can't wait to go back!

December 19, 2007 by Sarah in Purchase, NY

Smokeless incense!
This store has this amazing smokeless incense. The owner makes some of the scents herself, and they are incredible!
My house always smells good because of La Befana's.

November 19, 2007 by Anonymous in Port Chester, NY

Review of La Befana's
My friend brought me to this store, and I couldn't leave without making a purchase. The owner is so personable, knowledgeable, and welcoming, and the store is wonderfully decorated and smells delicious. I can't wait to visit again!

November 14, 2007 by Anonymous in New York, NY

La Befana's is a gorgeous store! The atmosphere radiates positive and warm energy, making anyone feel welcome. I frequently buy incense, jewelry, teas, sage, and stones at La Befana's- try the holiday chai, by the way, it is to die for. Whether for yourself or for a gift, La Befana's is sure to have something beautiful, original, and affordable.

November 14, 2007 by Lena in Purchase, NY

A most beautiful & special shop in the Hudson Valley!!
When you first enter La Befana's you are greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello from the owner, Laura. The wonderful smells of oils or smokeless incense heightens your senses and draws you inside. Beautifully decorated with separate sections for different product. This eclectic mix of old world meets new age is a refreshing experience. You don't feel as if you are in a's like being home! Take the time to visit this magical place where time does not exsist. Bring a friend with you when you go! Tell Laura Jenna sent you!

October 19, 2007 by Ambriels Song

La Befana's
Great Store!

September 03, 2007 by Anonymous in Long Beach, NY

What a find! This shop is a delight. I found a beautiful pair of earrings, unusual and reasonably priced. LaBafana is definitely a shop I will visit when I need a not-often seen gift. The selection is wonderful. Art work by local artists and wonderful scents and candles are all presented by a knowledgeable and very warm and friendly owner. I highly recommend a visit to LaBafana's!

March 26, 2007 by Carol Leverone in Nanuet, NY

Mrs. Bietighofer
I was visiting the arear and stop in at the little shop. What a suprise the owner Laura was there to answer all my questions and what a delight she is. I will make sure I shop at La Befanas every time I vist that arear. She has a great assortment of items there is something for everyone. Sorry this took so long to answer but this is the first chance I had.

March 21, 2007 by LindaLee Bietighofer in Marietta, GA

Great Shop
5 stars all the way. Great shop, great service, great merchandise.
What else is here to say?

March 14, 2007 by amity in Douglasville, GA

La Befana's Specialty Gift Shoppe
Laura knows her customers well and knows what people like. A marketing & merchandising ‘genius’ Laura personally hand picks every item in this beautifully designed/decorated Shoppe. Having one of the friendliest & knowledgeable personalities that exudes ‘success’, she goes out of her way to accommodate her customers. The many therapeutic-grade essential oils & ‘secretly- blended’ incense powders & sticks are great, along with top quality aromatic candles. Laura also sells original art by many local & national artisans that specialize in one-of-a-kinds, crystal, gemstone jewelry; necklaces, bracelets & rings, pewter, Chakra teas, Victorian prints, music CD’s, & many more ‘high quality’ items that are tough to resist. She also sells unique wind-chimes, cards, journals & prints. Her offerings are endless! The Shoppe in the beautiful Hudson Valley is ‘perfectly situated’ amongst historic homes, churches, and buildings, so plan for a full day.

February 24, 2007 by RJV in Pleasantville, NY

La Befanas Gift Shop
A speciality gift shop that is beyond belief. I've stopped in quite a few times just to absorb some of it, especially the personal customer service. Shopping the holiday season I found gifts for everyone that was reasonably priced from children to adults. Laura's oil's and incense will take your breath away. Valentine's shopping was a breese with Cupid's Kiss which is a custom blend that is for adults. In shopping for my kids I found the gem stone bracelet's were a perfect hit. I will continue to shop for future personal gifts there. It's always a pleasure to shop at LaBafanas.

February 22, 2007 by Carol Gorey in Castle Point, NY

La Befana's
Really amazing shop!! We went for a day trip to the winery and on the way back we stop in the village of Montgomery to check out this shop my friends told me about. I was blown away by the ambience!

February 22, 2007 by Anna Ayala, in West Nyack, NY

la befanas speciality gift shoppe
This was a wonderful shopping experience. Lovely,lovely shoppe.
The fragerance from the La befanas incense, the music all lead to a very calming and comfortable feeling. There are so many wonderful items, too much to absorb at one time. I took advantage of the personal shopping offer,
and booked a 1 hr appt with a friend.

February 21, 2007 by R. P. in Newburgh, NY


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La Befanas Gift Shoppe
8 Union St
Montgomery, NY 12549 Map
(845) 457-3202


Beautiful! Posted by S.Coop on 09/26/2007

There are no words to describe La Befana's. This Gift shop is beyond Beautiful. It is pure Elegance! I felt myself drawn into the shop. I didn't want to leave. For that matter either did the other customers. The front of the shop lead you right to the back of the shop. Everything was thought out here. The decor is beautiful! The scent is wonderful! the owner is beautiful!
I would Definetly shop here again! 


La Befana's Gift Shop Posted by TheCrictic1 on 04/27/2008

This is ABOSOLUTLY by far a BEAUTIFUL SHOP! It is a must see for yourself. La Befanas is an eclectic gift shop with many gifts to choose from. Gemstone bracelets, windchimes, essential oils, teas, teacups, herbs, incense,books, journals and more. I'm just surprised the New York Times hasn't writen an article on this store, for that matter or on the owner of the store -
because there's a story. TheCritic1


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