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About Intuitive Readings

My Intuitive Readings are performed over the telephone for several reasons: location is not an issue, the atmosphere is non-invasive and non-judgemental, and clients are more comfortable and relaxed in their
own home or ideal environment.

During my readings, while working with my Spirit Guides, and Angels,
I also incorporate the use of a regular deck of cards or tarot cards and even sometimes crystals. I then transmit any and all information that is given to me intuitively, to my client.

My intuitive consultations/psychic readings are based on a Higher influence of good and positive energy that is intuitively transmitted through me. I am a vessel that transmits this information to help the client to have a better understanding and to feel a sense of clarity.

Understand and know that when we seek consultation from an intuitive/psychic we are looking for a better understanding or clarity on situations present in our life at that time. Understand human nature and realize that when we don't hear what it is that we want to hear when we want, we tend to be discouraged and not hear what is being said. We must realize that it is in the information we choose not to hear, the answers lay. We must know, this is the information we need in order for us to move forward.

My readings are informative. They help to put things into perspective allowing information about situations to be clearer. They provide you with clarity and understanding, and when you have clarity and understanding you can change your challenges into opportunities.

I do not try to predict the future believing that we all have free will and free choice. As you grow and change, your opportunities and your choices will change, and so too does your future, and for this reason, I prefer to read my clients "here and now" standing by the belief that we can not go from A to C, we must go from A to B to C, otherwise making our opportunities harder to achieve due to denial or non acceptance of situations at hand.

All of my readings are completely private and confidential.

The clients appointment is scheduled and confirmed when
payments are received.

The client is to call Laura at the time of their scheduled appointment at the number which will be provided when appointment is confirmed.

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