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I happen to love "Stash Tea" company. They offer a wide variety of teas as well as many specialty collection lines.  I especially love the "Chanakara Line"!  This line of tea relates to each one of our Chakra's.  Although I am an avid coffee drinker, I just do not like to drink coffee before my Intuitive Consultations/readings. I actually mix #1 through #7 together and drink it cold! Below you will find teas I enjoy!
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Tea for each Chakra

Chamomile Tea
Soothing Relaxing

Festive Holiday
Magical & Warm

Deliciously Rich Variety

Fall & Autum
Colorfully Warm

Kopili Assam
Loose Bold Tea

Mom's Relax Day
Six Flavor Gift Set

Lemon Ginger
I call this is a "Booster tea"

Christmas Morning
Strong & Smooth

Traditional Medicinals
Organic Spearmint

Double Spice Chai Black Tea
Just Mmm

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